Welcome to a place where you can meet interesting and accomplished people and find out why they follow Jesus
and choose to call themselves Christian.

Assoc professor

David Cohen

Assoc Professor David Cohen

Geochemistry - University of New South Wales

In the same way that I have faith in the evidence for plate tectonics I also have faith that Jesus Christ, God’s son, has made it possible for me to be friends with God forever.


Ross McKenzie

Professor Ross McKenzie

World leader in ‘Condensed Matter Theory’.

There are two ideas that the media often promote.  One is that science can explain everything and the second is that science 
has done away with God.

Dr Sandy Clarke.

Statistics Lecturer and Researcher

University of Melbourne.

The most compelling data I have for the love of God
are the death and resurrection of Jesus.

dr sandy clarke

Professor Graeme Clarke


Inventor of the Cochlear Implant

I have been committed to science for a number of decades and also spent the same period considering the importance of God
as a Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

laureate professor graeme clark

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